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  • Asset Management Core System

    The AMS Core system
    is at the heart of the Redkite Asset Management System and contains a central register which holds a wealth of information on every asset.

    The Redkite Asset Management System provides:
    Asset Management Modules

    Full control over your assets. The Redkite Asset Management System provides management information as appropriate to the needs of users. In addition to on-screen information, a menu of user definable standard reports quickly show inventory, stock movements, scheduled activities, overdue activities, equipment failures, missing and surplus equipment, capital replacement costs as well as numerous other financial and management reports.

    Examination, Test, Inspection, Maintenance and Servicing. The Redkite Asset Management System provides advance and daily information to ensure the timely scheduling of test, inspection, maintenance and servicing programmes. The daily prompts continue to be presented until a scheduled activity has been undertaken ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

    Defect Management. The system shows what assets require repair, the status of the repair and anticipated completion date together with details of work undertaken and costs.

    Links to competence profiles in Redkite Personnel Development System ensure greater safety. Competence profiles ensure that all staff undertaking inspections, tests, maintenance or servicing have the appropriate ‘authorisation’ and have been trained to the requisite standard.

    Mandatory Safety Regulations - PUWER and LOLER. Through the quality recording of the results of tests and inspections using a very straightforward test entry facility, the Redkite Asset Management System discharges the legislative responsibilities of the Provision and User of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and, where applicable, the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) requirements.

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    The Redkite Asset Management System links seamlessly with Redkite Quality Assurance System to ensure personnel have the skills required to perform business processes to the required quality standards.

    AMS Inspections

    A life long record of all scheduled and un-scheduled tests, inspections, maintenance and servicing undertaken on every asset. The record also includes asset movements.

    AMS Inventory

    The AMS Core module contains a central register which holds a wealth of information on every asset.



    Asset Management Core System
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