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Smart asset management

Redkite Smart Track AMS (Asset Management System) is part of the Redkite Smart Software Suite™ which is the new name for products supplied by Redkite Systems to 100’s of customers in over 20 countries.

designed to make your life easier

Redkite Smart Track AMS transforms your asset management in providing you with a digital, paperless, asset management system which will eliminate paperwork, reduce your workload, and simplify your life by utilising intelligent semi and fully automated processes.
Ideal for organisations of any size, Redkite Smart Track AMS is in use 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year in companies located around the world where Redkite Smart Track AMS helps organisations like yours manage their assets from cradle to grave.
No more searching through mountains of paperwork or complex spreadsheets, with Redkite Smart Track AMS everything is held centrally and is at your fingertips immediately no matter how widely dispersed your assets are.
Any type of asset can be entered on Redkite Smart Track AMS from large capital items down to the smallest consumables.

a modular approach

Redkite Smart Track AMS consists of a suite of seamlessly integrated modules which together provide a comprehensive system to manage your assets from cradle to grave.


At the heart of Redkite Smart Track AMS is a comprehensive asset register containing a wealth of information on each asset, together with sophisticated smart functions to improve the efficiency of inventory management making sure your assets are in their correct location and in the required number.
Inventory listings can be readily obtained for any location or sub-location and the listing can either be used as a manual checklist or distributed to on-line readers to allow inventory checks to be carried out rapidly and efficiently using bar code or RFID readers.
Life cycles and replacement costs can all be entered for each asset type and ownership details, location, health and safety incidents and many other details can be entered against individual assets.


Used on a 365 x 24 x 7 basis to manage millions of assets for many single and multi-site national and international organisations for many years, Redkite Smart Track AMS has been proven to be robust and reliable.

Redkite Smart Track AMS manages both scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance and safety tests and inspections.
Defining the type and frequency of preventative maintenance and safety test and inspection activities and associating any procedures to each activity, is undertaken centrally from within Redkite Smart Track AMS which also creates and delivers daily worksheets directly to a user’s desktop or mobile reader.

Redkite Smart Track AMS is very flexible allowing any type of activity to be defined and schedules easily set. The frequency of scheduled activities can be determined by many factors such as time or/and usage, for example, and activities can be set for a day of the week or a specific day in a month, if required.
Readings and other information can be recorded during the test or inspection and all outcomes and information for every activity is recorded for the life of the asset.

To ensure scheduled activities are undertaken in a timely manner, Redkite Smart Track AMS automatically alerts responsible personnel when scheduled tests are becoming due using a range of on-screen visual prompts, email and/or, optional, SMS notifications. Prompts continue to be sent until the activity has been completed.
Unscheduled activities such as on-delivery, pre-use and after use checks can also readily be included and managed on the system.

defect management

Managing defects to ensure repairs are carried out as quickly as possible can be critical. Even the smallest delay can have a significant effect on your business, affecting production and services and can have an impact on your reputation as a company. Speed therefore can be of the essence.
In Redkite Smart Track AMS defects can be reported from many areas of the system, and notifications of reported faults are instantly transmitted via email (or SMS) to responsible personnel where actions can be taken appropriate to the priority attached to the defect.

smart repair management

The instant a defect is reported responsible personnel and repair workshops are notified, a job card is raised, and personnel can immediately be allocated to the repair. All work undertaken on the defect, including times and any parts used, is recorded. Responsible personnel can be made aware of progress automatically by email (or SMS).

smart disposals

Redkite Smart Track AMS recognises that disposing of assets responsibly is important and disposal methods and disposal records need to be maintained. Disposal methods appropriate to an asset can be accessed by users and disposal details are recorded on the system.

bar code and rfid

Asset management processes can be further streamlined using either bar codes or/and UHF RFID. Using this facility, Redkite Smart Track AMS supports a raft of features designed to streamline on-line functions, such as undertaking inventory checks, preventative maintenance and test and inspection activities using a hand-held bar-code or RFID reader.

With inventory checklists and daily test worksheets being delivered to the reader – the application is easy to use, reducing keyboard error and saving time and money.

Redkite Smart Track AMS supports both ID, 2D and QR bar codes and UHF RFID. For inventory management multiple RFID tags can be read to speed up the inventory process. The use of bar codes is ideal for tracking assets and ensuring inspections have been carried out on a specific asset. Redkite Smart Track AMS allows users to switch between bar code and RFID functions at the tap of a key on the reader… no need to swap applications.

stores management

Redkite Smart Track AMS offers a powerful Stores Management module empowering the management of both fixed and consumable assets from initial purchase through to final disposal.

Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Manager integrates seamlessly within Redkite Smart Track AMS and is designed for organisations that need a system to efficiently manage stores functions.

Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Manager records details of all purchases including initial purchase price, date of purchase, invoice value, supplier, and cost centre details. Preferred supplier lists can be selected when procuring new assets.

Goods received are entered onto the system in batches. On entry an ‘end of life’ date can be entered together with expected replacement costs to facilitate future replacement budgeting.

Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Management

- manages maximum and minimum stock levels with automated alerts when minimum stock levels are reached

- maintains a supplier and ‘preferred’ supplier list, with full details for ease when re-ordering

- goods received are recorded in batches and a batch can hold any number of the same type of asset

- uses a first in first out principle when allocating stock; stock from earlier batches is allocated first

- stores purchase orders and records invoice details together with purchase prices

- stock re-adjustments and reconciliations can be undertaken

- assets can be marked with bar code or / and RFID tags and allocated to a specific asset whilst in stores, if required

- parts and replacements can be ordered via the Redkite Smart Track AMS on-line requisition facility allowing the ordering of items remotely. Goods ordered can be assigned to locations or individuals.

smart on-line paperless requisition

Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Manager contains an on-line requisition feature empowering individuals and line managers to order new or replacement assets or parts electronically to speed up the requisition process and reduce the administrative overheads of paper-based requisition processes.

- allows users to order parts and equipment through an electronic ordering system

- authorisation can be set for orders, if required

- orders are automatically passed through to the Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Manager as an ‘open’ order

- records who has ordered parts and equipment, together with costs

- orders can be traced through the requisition process

- the system tracks who has ordered what and when for audit purposes

- costs of ordered parts are recorded against individuals, locations, and cost centres, as appropriate

- helps budget control

- supplied as standard with the Redkite Smart Track AMS Stores Manager

- can be accessed by authorised users from any location via a web browser

- all orders sent via the on-line requisition can be subject to authorisation and comprehensive details of all requisitions are maintained for future reporting.

smart secure user access

Redkite Smart Track AMS contains comprehensive administration tools allowing access to be restricted to areas of the system in accordance with needs. The system smartly detects the access levels for an individual and will only show access to functions and information necessary.


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