SMART incident logging system

smart logging

Smart E-Log is a versatile tool used to record all types of events, activities or occurrences and is ideal for any organisation with a need to keep a record of events that occur.
Being cloud-based, the Smart E-Log can be accessed via a web browser by authorised users wherever they are based and from any device connected to the internet.


Paperless system - digital records. Replaces paper-based occurrence /event books / incident logs.
Find records easily - Fully searchable records with events threaded together for ease of searching and viewing. Easy ‘search’ facilities provide quick and easy access to specific entries in the system allowing records for incidents to be analysed.
Immediate access - Can be accessed by authorised users from any location to view records entered as and when they are made making it ideal for remote incident managers. Invaluable for senior management who are ‘off-site’ when an incident occurs. Any entries made can be emailed or sent by SMS either to an individual or a group.
Diarised log - Provides a diarised log of events and can be used as an occurrence log, an event log, an incident log, etc.
Secure - The Smart E-Log is secure and can ONLY be accessed by authorized users wherever they are located. Smart E-Log has a ‘restricted access’ facility to protect confidential log entries.
Reduces workload - Smart E-Log can eliminate the need to produce additional reports (incident, accident, environmental, etc.).
Intuitive and user friendly - Uniformity in presentation and layout makes Smart E-Log easy to update and read.


There is no limit to what can be recorded on Smart E-Log as every aspect of the system is customisable. From the intuitive, user-friendly portal through to the area in which the system will be used, the types of incidents, etc.
Smart E-Log can be quickly tailored to individual requirements. You decide what is required to be recorded on a regular or as needed basis.

Saves money

Smart E-Log reduces the need and cost for paper logbooks and the facility of safe keeping and storage.
Because Smart E-Log is a dynamic cloud-based system, there is no need for a hand-over to people ‘coming on shift’, such as on call managers, as all entries relevant to the new user are made available instantly.

integrates with redkite smart software suite products

From Smart E-Log you can launch other Redkite Smart Software Suite products such as Smart Train Competence Management System and Smart Track Asset Management System to allow immediate checks on the status of training of personnel and the state of readiness of assets that may need to be deployed at an incident.

dynamic information

Unlike inert paper-based records Smart E-Log is dynamic and provides invaluable real-time up-to-the-minute information.

Smart E-Log is updated in ‘real-time’ providing incident commanders with up to the minute information on how an event is evolving. Immediate access to other Smart Software Suite products, Smart Train Competence Management System and Smart Track Asset Management System can allow line management to make informed decisions about what resources to deploy in response to the event.

Smart E-Log is a ‘Live’ system providing immediate access across a single site or worldwide.

The dynamic report screen is updated every minute providing a centralized overview of inputs in one, multiple or all departments.

Smart E-Log allows entries to be emailed with attachments to individuals or groups, providing senior managers/commanders with immediate updates and developments of an incident prior to their attendance.

aids incident management

Smart E-Log provides an electronic log of all decisions made at the different levels of incident command (Tactical)

Invaluable for senior management who are ‘off-site’ when an incident occurs allowing them to view the log and make entries which can then be viewed by those on-site. For example, a simple entry ‘I have noted this event and en-route. My ETA is xx:xx’ made by a remote manager saves telephone calls and time.

Individual logs can be set with differing timeouts, so that they can be wholly password secure (each entry requires a user login) or generic (open for entries without login).

use as a legal document

Smart E-Log allows you to set a requirement to enter a unique PIN for each entry providing for secure contemporaneous logs of decisions - excellent evidence for any subsequent inquiry. 

In Smart E-Log individual and unique sign in credentials provides a ‘fingerprint’ to all entries.

Smart E-Log has a ‘restricted access’ facility to protect confidential log entries.

Smart E-Log It ensures standard and legible log entries avoiding misinterpretation.

Smart E-Log records cannot be changed once entered. Once a log record has been saved it can only be added to; it cannot be deleted or edited providing authenticity to the log.



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