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With a reputation for supplying robust, reliable, auditable systems, Redkite Systems is now global leaders in the supply of training and competence management systems (TCMS) to fire services around the world. Whilst our focus has been on Airport Fire and Rescue Services (ARFFs), where we supply some of the largest international airports in the world, we also supply private, public, and civil fire and rescue services which are in use daily around the world.

Whilst our focus is on Airport Fire and Rescue Services (ARFFs), where we supply some of the largest international airports in the world, we also supply private, public, and civil fire and rescue services which are in daily use in over 20 countries.

Redkite TCMS intelligently manages all aspects of competence-based training, from the acquisition of knowledge and skills through to the lifelong on-going application of knowledge and skills through a comprehensive cycle of maintenance of competence (MoC) with auditable and extensive, lifelong records of all training and assessments undertaken by each individual. Redkite TCMS also provides resources and functions empowering you and your teams to develop, deliver and manage competence-based training packages to meet your exact needs.



competence management

Competence based training and development
Competence-based training is the most effective approach to improve the performance of your workforce and to ensure compliance with standards in industries where safety is paramount.

Competence framework
A competence framework is at the heart of Redkite Smart Train CMS and will contain the units, elements and performance criteria that form the basis of your competence training programme.

All training and assessments will map to the required area within your competence framework to provide evidence of competence.

Embedded within Redkite Smart Train CMS is a raft of features which will make the management of your competence scheme as simple as possible irrespective of how complex your competence framework is.

Manages all aspect of competence / proficiency
Whether you are looking for a competence management system to manage a sector specific competence framework or manage a national framework such as NVQ / SVQ or manage your in-house competence framework comprised of ‘soft skills’ and/or in-house technical skills or a combination of all, Redkite Smart Train CMS will handle them equally well.

Redkite Smart Train CMS contains a repository where your preferred competence framework is stored and managed. The repository follows the international structure for competence frameworks comprised of units, elements, performance criteria and knowledge requirements.

You can either use an ‘off-the-shelf’ competence framework developed for specific sectors or Redkite Smart Train CMS will guide you through the process to help you create your own competence framework.

On-going maintenance of competence (MoC)
Competence is not permanent and needs to be maintained to ensure personnel always operate to the highest possible standards. Maintaining competence through frequent activities that practice the skills and periodic refresher training and assessments are essential to avoid ‘skills decay’.

Skills decay
The maintenance of skills is critical to the effective performance of both individuals and teams.

“Skills decay” occurs where a skill is not practiced over time. The rate at which skills decay will depend upon many factors including the complexity of the skill, the criticality of the skill, inherent dangers and how likelythe skill is to be practiced under day to day working conditions.

Skills decay can be averted simply by carrying out activities that involve an application using the skill.

To ensure competence is maintained, an activity timeframe can be included for each unit together with a more comprehensive re-assessment of skills timeframe. Redkite Smart Train CMS automatically manages the avoidance of skills decay by providing timely reminders to ensure personnel carry out activities and receive refresher training and re-assessments before skills deteriorate.

Smart management of assessments through scenarios
Whilst real work practice and assessments are preferred, practicing, and assessing skills under real working conditions is not always possible.

Redkite Smart Train CMS scenarios provide a great way to manage the assessment of individuals and teams both under real work and realistic simulated working conditions.

Scenarios provide a framework through assessments can be made.

You define any scenario on Redkite TCMS and then identify the skills that individuals or teams will undertake in that scenario. Activities are usually based on elements within your competence framework making it easy to update specific records within the context of the scenario.

The scenarios will not usually occur within the system; they will occur outside the system usually in the real or a realistic virtual world.

Scenarios can take place in the actual workplace, a purpose built simulator or using third party Virtual Reality packages…. It is up to you.

The aim of a scenario is to provide a framework for practicing skills and assessing the performance of an individual or a team and can be as simple or as complex as you need, involving one individual carrying out one skill, or many individuals and/or teams performing multiple skills.

Smart rapid update features
Recording the performance of an individual or a team when assessing through a scenario is very straightforward. Simply select the individual (or individuals if more than one person is carrying out the same function) and then select the function or functions they have carried out. Next enter and record the assessment outcome including any comment.

On saving the outcomes of your assessments, individual records will be updated showing the scenario, the roles performed, together with assessment outcomes and comments.

Records are updated on the central server in real time and can be undertaken on a tablet or notepad very easily.

Because a skill is performed within a scenario. the skill can be ‘mapped’ directly to units, elements and performance criteria within your competence framework. Any units, elements, and performance criteria mapped to skills will be automatically updated. The name of the assessor will also be stored along with the date. Renewal dates for activities and re-assessments will automatically be adjusted.

The competence held by the assessor can be interrogated if required for verification and audit purposes.


The Redkite Competence Management System operational within the Changi Airport Group.

A fantastic achievement by all and a great testament to the simplicity of the Redkite Competence Management System and its ability to provide robust digital records eliminating tedious paperwork.



Paperless management system
No more searching through mountains of paperwork or complex spreadsheets – Redkite Smart Train CMS provides a paperless system empowering you to access information quickly and easily. 

Automated processes reducing management time and costs
With over 35 years’ experience working with 100’s of organisations around the world, the automated processes embedded within Redkite Smart Train CMS have been refined to save time by eliminating the onerous, labour intensive and time-consuming tasks required to manage a competence- based training program using paper-based systems.

Lowered training costs
Use e-learning to reduce travel, venue, and instructor expenses by bringing training on-line where it can be used time and time again, at no added cost.

Reduced workplace disruption
Minimize disruption with on-line learning available on-demand, delivered to the workplace to match work schedules.

Ensures standardised training and assessments
Ensure all personnel, whether directly or indirectly employed receive the same high standard of training.

No need for signed hard copies
With watertight security, competence records held on Redkite Smart Train CMS cannot be edited or amended once saved, ensuring the integrity of the information providing regulators with the confidence


Clear Information at your fingertips


The Redkite Smart Train CMS dashboard immediately and clearly shows what competencies need renewal or are becoming due for renewal within a user defined timeframe.

Clear information at your fingertips
The Redkite TCMS dashboard immediately and clearly shows what competencies need renewal or are becoming due for renewal within a user defined timeframe. What is shown on users’ dashboards can easily be customised.

Diarised Scheduler
See immediately what actions need to be taken to keep your teams competent. Colour coded tags show, for any user defined period what activities need to be undertaken to ensure personnel are compliant. What can be viewed is restricted by user access rights.

Smart Group / Training Overview
The Redkite TCMS dynamic ‘group overviews’ provides a colour coded overview of the competencies held orb training undertaken by a team.

From any view on the Group Overview or the Training Overview users can highlight an area for investigation and easily drill down deeper into the records.

Smart Reports
The comprehensive menu of standard reports on Redkite TCMS includes all the reports you will need to manage and report on your competence programme.
Ad-hoc reports can be produced using an in-built Query by Example reporting tool which allows you to indent the parameters to include in your report.

Smart Charts and graphs
Easily convert your information into charts using Excel or similar.


manages all types of learning

Competence requires the acquisition of knowledge and skills and then the practical application of skills in a real environment or realistic simulation. Often the training starts in a traditional classroom environment with tutors delivering training to a group of individuals.

In Redkite Smart Train CMS tutors can select a learning package for presentation to a group. On completion, attendance is recorded. Tutors will mark individual performance in the group and records will be updated accordingly. The training package can also include a quiz which can be used to assess whether the group has assimilated the material. Questions asked will also be recorded.

Self-guided learning
Knowledge can also be acquired and maintained using eLearning. Individuals select the required training packages from an intuitive portal and undertake the package whilst seated at a computer. The eLearning package can also include a quiz which can be used to assess whether the individual has assimilated the material. Questions asked and responses given will be recorded.

Practical workplace training
Ensures that practical workplace training and re-assessment are undertaken as required. Workplace assessment checklists can be ratified on a mobile device such as a notebook or notepad.

Scenario based training and assessments
Provides tools to design scenario-based training and assessments that will take place off screen in real work or simulated conditions. Complex scenarios involving many people undertaking multiple tasks can be set up, managed, and recorded.

From simple to complex – from engine fires to organisation wide threats you define the scenario, the functions personnel will need to undertake and the expected outcomes. All simulations take place in a real or virtual world.

Formal courses / events
For larger organisations, Redkite Smart Train Course Manager is an extension to Redkite Smart Train CMS providing a host of functions and features to manage complex courses; manage nominees and delegates, set minimum and maximum numbers, build waiting lists, manage venues, catering, resources, course managers and trainers. Send joining instructions and, on completion, of a course, update training records and issue certificates, if required.


smart paperless life-long training records

Redkite Smart Train CMS holds a history of all training and assessments in a personal portfolio which is maintained for the life of each individual. You define the competence requirements for each individual or team through the role profiler and Redkite Smart Train CMS automatically keeps track of what has been done and what needs to be done with reference to the personal portfolio.

Individual records held in the portfolio show full details of each learning activity including type and name of the activity, when and where undertaken, trainer/assessor details, and, where required, the date by which any follow up training must be made to ensure competence is maintained.

Auditable system
The Redkite Smart Train CMS records have been audited by regulatory and other authorities, including UK Awarding Bodies, and are deemed to be robust, secure, and reliable.

No need for signed paperwork
Records held in the personal portfolio are deemed sufficiently secure and accurate not to require signed hard copies of the records to be maintained. The login details of the individual updating the records is held with the record and no amendments are permitted.


automated underlying processes

Redkite Smart Train CMS automates underlying management processes which eliminate tedious time-consuming tasks, reducing your workload ensuring your competence programme is on the right track.

Training and competence need analysis
The intelligent Redkite Smart Train CMS dashboard filters out relevant information and shows users what needs to be done now and, in a user-defined period to ensure they receive the training and assessments needed to maintain their competence. Individuals will only see their requirements, line managers will see the requirements for their team, corporate training managers can view the information across the whole organisation or can filter the view to show only what they need to focus on.

Automatic adjustment of periodic and refresher training/ assessments renewal dates
In Redkite Smart Train CMS you can set a renewal frequency for training and assessments which is used to manage your refresher training for you.

On completion of training, Redkite Smart Train CMS automatically resets refresher training and re-assessment dates and then provides visual and email prompts and notifications to ensure refresher training and re-assessments are undertaken on time.

Role profiling
Redkite Smart Train CMS recognizes that not everyone needs to hold the same competencies and provides the tools empowering you to easily create personal or team competence profiles to ensure the appropriate competence is acquired and maintained.

Where an individual gets promoted or seconded to a new position or work area then simply move them to the new profile. Training undertaken in their previous role will be retained. Training irrelevant to the current role will be archived. Training common to both the previous and the new role will be carried forward and any new competence requirements will be highlighted for action.

Whether your organisation is small or large, whether your workforce is localized or geographically widespread, whether your workforce works on a single or multiple sites or work remotely and whether your industry is highly regulated or not, Redkite Smart Train CMS will manage your competence programme to ensure appropriate competence is acquired and maintained.

eLearning Delivery

eLearning has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering knowledge-based training and Redkite Smart Train CMS provides a comprehensive toolkit to help create, build, deliver, mark, certificate and record all eLearning activities.

Redkite Smart Train CMS eLearning Delivery will deliver your packages over the internet to users located at an internet connected device anywhere which they can access at any time… and do not worry, your on-line learning packages delivered through Redkite Smart Train CMS will look great on any device and will be of especial value where personnel are working in remote locations or working from home.

The Redkite Smart Train CMS eLearning Delivery is an optional module which integrates seamlessly with Redkite Smart Train CMS.

Build smart, professional e-learning packages in familiar development tools
Use tools you are familiar with, such as PowerPoint and Word to create a learning package, which can be as simple or as complex as you need, from policy documents in PDF format to videos in MP4 format. There is no need to learn complex, expensive authoring software. Redkite Smart Train CMS allows you to enter any training package quickly and easily, even allowing you to link to off-site packages via a URL.

Use PowerPoint and Word to create your e-learning packages
No need for expensive authoring tools. Create your learning packages using PowerPoint or Word, or use existing presentations, photos, images, video clips or PDF documents to create learning packages delivered to your learners on-line as slick, professional e-learning packages which will look great on any device.

Simple Slide Show upload editors
Simply select and upload your material using the Redkite Smart Train CMS Slide Show editors, re-arrange your material as required, enter any additional information, as required. Preview your presentation and when you are happy your package is ready for delivery.

Define how learners will interact with your e-learning packages and how frequently a package needs to be taken.

Redkite Smart Train CMS provides all the tools you need to manage all aspects of your learning programme, no matter how complex your requirements or widespread your learners are.


on-line assessments

Redkite Smart Train CMS provides tools empowering you to create on-line quizzes/assessments that can either be linked to a learning package or used as a stand-alone questionnaire. Often used to assess knowledge following a presentation, Redkite Smart Train CMS can deliver your questionnaire over the internet where, on completion, the questionnaire will be marked and graded automatically.
Built within the Smart Train CMS eLearning Delivery module is Redkite Question Master providing you with all the tools you need to develop professional on-line assessments and quizzes using a variety of question formats including, multiple choice, re-ordered lists, hot spots, free text (which must be marked manually). Images and video clips can be applied to each question.

Additional features include:

- Random selection of questions from questionnaire related question bank

- Random display of alternative answers in multiple choice questions (the correct answer is always correct!)

- Set number of attempts

- Set a time limit on specific questions or the whole assessment

- Set a pass mark

- Set pass grades determined by outcome

Bristling with features
Redkite Smart Train CMS provides you with options and features usually only found in more expensive systems empowering you to decide how you want your teams or individuals to interact with your learning material.

The features include:

- Allowing learners to ‘pause’ a presentation at any point and return to the same point later.

- Permitting users to pause an assessment and return to the same point later although some rules apply.

- Allowing users to return to previous questions.

- Allowing users to practice an assessment without results being recorded.

- Deciding whether you want to show correct answers when a question is answered incorrectly.

- Determine how long a learner can spend on a question or on an assessment.

- Control how many attempts can be made at an assessment.

- Decide whether your learners can print an acknowledgement of their achievement on successful completion of a package.

- Set a renewal frequency.

- Link a certificate.

- Map to other training packages or competence requirements

- Plus, much more...


Certificate Manager (optional)

Immediate rewards
Reward your learners by adding an acknowledgement to your training package in whatever form you choose, e.g., certificate, license, or pass. Design the front of your certificate in Word leaving space for information to be overprinted by Redkite Smart Train CMS – learner name, certificate title, level obtained, issue number, award date, expiry date, etc.
Create a reverse side for your certificate, if required. The system will print what has been completed to qualify for this award on the reverse.
Save your design as a pdf and then upload it into Redkite Smart Train CMS. Very straightforward.

By empowering those trainees who successfully complete a learning package to self-print the acknowledgement (certificate, pass, license) users get an immediate positive reward.


Course Manager (optional)

Redkite Course Manager manages all your nominees and delegates, empowering you to set minimum and maximum numbers, build and manage waiting lists, manage venues, catering, resources, course managers and trainers. Send joining instructions and, on completion of a course, update training records. Integrated into Redkite Smart Train CMS courses can be linked to other training, competencies, on-line assessments, and certificates, as required.

On-line prospectus - managing course registrations
Redkite Course Manager contains a built-in, intuitive, on-line prospectus and booking system allowing individuals or their team leaders to nominate either themselves or members of their team on-line, reducing tedious paperwork.

Manage On-line training sessions via Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.
Redkite Course Manager manages remote on-line learning. Your trainers and trainees do not have to visit a training centre for the course. Through Redkite Course Manager you can set up on-line training events on to which nominees can be registered and managed in the same way as nominees for formal classroom training.

If used with Redkite Smart Train CMS then once the on-line event has been completed, delegates can log in to Smart Train CMS, undertake an on-line assessment and receive an acknowledgement in the form of a certificate.

Smart Features

- Design re-usable course templates a course template will contain the fixed details of a course.

- Create specific instances of courses from your master templates. Select the template, then add variable information such as date, venue, trainers, resources, caterers, etc.

- Design standard templates for joining instructions. Specific instructions will be overprinted from the system.

- Manage course numbers. Set the minimum and maximum number of places for this course.

- Manage nominees and delegates. Convert nominees to delegates based upon availability.

- Manage waiting lists. Place nominees on waiting lists for next available courses. Waiting lists intelligently highlight nominees with an urgent need for training to ensure continuity and currency of competence.

- Manage trainers - assign trainers to a course considering availability and qualifications. Smart Course Manager holds details of trainer’s qualifications and matches qualifications to course requirements. Also contains a diary showing trainer availability.

- Manage the skills / competence required by trainers. Ensure your trainers are qualified to deliver a course.

- Manage resources - extensive resource management facilities allow any resource to be defined (rooms, equipment, personnel, etc.) and allocated to a course for part or whole courses. Resources can be allocated for periods in 15-minute segments. Resource managers are notified what resources are required and of any subsequent changes.

- Automatic checks for delegate and trainer availability both in terms of spaces available on a course, holidays, and duty schedules.

- Manage courses that take place over non-consecutive days.

- Manage courses that require pre-conditions to be met.

- Facilitates the auto-enrolment for one or more additional courses when the current course has been completed.

- Automated Training Needs Analysis to ensure staff are scheduled for courses in a timely manner and according to their needs and with the facility to re-schedule staff on to the earliest alternative course where required.

- Production of confirmation notifications, joining instructions and post course evaluation questionnaires.

- Notification by email / SMS to all relevant people when courses are cancelled or re-scheduled.

- User friendly on-line course attendance register - Trainers and course administrators can update attendance and outcomes on-line. Courses that have been completed and where records have not been updated are highlighted.

- Refresher training dates are automatically updated, and reminders automatically generated.

- Automatic mapping to units of competence or associated training is undertaken; simply tell Smart Course Manager to which competence units or training this course will map.

- Automatic management of periodic and refresher training - Set a renew by frequency for your training and Redkite Course Manager will automatically remind personnel of any refresher training becoming due to ensure that the training takes place in a timely manner.

Smart Reports
A wide range of standard and customisable management reports are available from pull down menus within the system.
Redkite Course Manager keeps and maintains training courses and processes in a single resource library from where it can be easily managed.

Life-long training records are organized and managed via the personal portfolio held for every individual registered on the system. Embedded management functions manage the processing of the information held on the records to prompt when refresher training become due.

Redkite Course Manager integrates seamlessly with Redkite Smart Train CMS to provide a competence management system which will manage all your learning needs.


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