asset management

Smart Track AMS is a comprehensive asset management application made up of various modules to help you manage your assets from initial purchase through to disposal.

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Competence management

Smart Train TCMS is a fully fledged competence management system designed to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes. Modular in design, you only buy in what you need now – you can always add more later.

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Incident Logging

The Smart Event Log is a flexible tool designed to help you record and manage any incident. Used in Airports, Fire Services, Health Authorities and Heliports, Smart Event Log is very versatile and easy to use.

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For over 40 years we have been creating innovative, electronic management systems which have not only saved time and brought about significant cost benefits they have also led to huge performance improvements in managing complex business needs and today our systems are used 24x7x365 in 20 countries around the world where we are market leaders in our target market.

Senior management from leading companies such as London Heathrow Airport, Changi Airport Group plus over 60 more airports around the world, together with private companies such as Leonardo Helicopters, Dow Silicones UK Limited, Falck Fire Services UK Ltd, Capita MoD Fire Service, and Basrah Gas Company, Iraq and eighteen local authority fire and rescue services, plus a number of UK NHS Trusts, have come to trust and rely on our range of software solutions to improve the readiness of their emergency response teams.

Redkite Systems is currently the trading name for Performance Monitoring Systems Ltd (PMS Ltd) a private limited company registered in England in 1989 (No. 2450115) and David Arber, owner of PMS Ltd. Redkite Systems has been designing, developing, and supplying computer solutions primarily aimed at improving both personal and corporate performance since 1981.

Latest News


Pleased to be working with London Heathrow Airport (LHR) ARFFS, again. LHR is a long standing customer who acquired the Redkite Competence Management System in 2008, when they were part of the BAA group and with whom we worked initially to develop the Redkite Question Master on-line assessment module.
LHR also use the Redkite Equipment Management System to ensure that health checks are carried out on their equipment after use and at predetermined periods.
Now LHR have been supplied with the Redkite Incident Log to record events that occur at the airport. These could range from training events to major incidents; where this web based application can be used by senior management to obtain an overview of events as they are reported and contribute to decision making remotely, if applicable.
The Redkite Event Log is used in nu.erpus airports and is proving invaluable especially where incidents span shift changes, as the on coming commander or line manager can quickly see what has occurred during the previous shift and what requires ongoing action.
With consideration to the importance of the incidents being recorded, the Redkite Incident Log is auditable and can be seen as a legal record of events.
This inexpensive add-on to the Redkite Systems suite of software can be linked to both the Redkite Training and Competence Management System and Redkite Equipment Management System, as will be the case at LHR, to ensure, where appropriate, operational personnel have received training and are competent for the roles they undertake and that equipment and resources used have been tested in line with company and manufacturers requirements helping to ensure the equipment is safe to use.
If you are in the business of saving life and property in airports, oil and gas installations, railways, indeed anywhere where safety is paramount, and would like to learn more about our products then contact Redkite Systems on +44 (0)1926 814846 or David Arber on WhatsApp +66 (0) 9898 03000 Thanks to all concerned for your input.

Great news to end the month of July.... Dubai Airports have agreed with Coforge and Redkite Systems that the delivery of Stage One of the Redkite Compliance Management System to Dubai Airports Airport Rescue and FireFighting department (ARFFS) for use at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport has now been completed. This has been a particularly challenging and complex system to deliver having been installed on 3 separate Dubai Airports internal servers making use of their internal OKTA single sign on security software.
The delivery has also involved training for system administrators who are now busy building the content for initial internal trials before Redkite Systems provides training to Dubai Airport ARFFS trainers in order for the system to be rolled out to all users later this year.
The project which involved the installation of the Redkite Equipment Management System to include the use of bar codes and defect management, has hit agreed target delivery dates within the agreed budget despite the immense challenges faced by the team.
This is a fantastic achievement for all concerned and we are looking forward to supporting Dubai Airport ARFFS well into the future. Thanks to all concerned for your input.

Aberdeen International Airport have ordered the Redkite E-Learning Delivery module to enhance their training to Airside Operations personnel. The module is already used by the Airport Rescue & Firefighting department to provide a flexible tool for delivering a range of in-house packages empowering the dept to provide training focused on policies, procedures and practices pertinent to their requirements in addition to the broader requirements of the industry.
Enabling the delivery of a range of learning material including PowerPoint, PDF, video clips, Informix (as images), photos and links to external material on, say YouTube, all of which can be incorporated and mixed within a single training package, the Redkite E-Learning module is the most flexible e-learning delivery tool available.
Integrated with the Redkite Training and Competence Management System, all e-learning can be mapped to your in house, national or international competence framework and all this without having to worry about on-going per person training costs.

Great news to end a busy month... Redkite Systems will be supplying QinetiQ Estate Services with the Redkite Training and Competence Management System in early May to manage training for circa 250 personnel.
This follows on from the successful implementation of various Redkite Systems at their Boscombe Down site where the systems have been used for numerous years to manage the maintenance of competence and Asset management for the Fire Service.
It is always rewarding when a valued client can see greater benefits in our products.
Thank you for your support and we at Redkite Systems look forward to working with QinetiQ Estate Services well into the future.

Fantastic to report that Redkite Systems has reached an agreement with Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service (OFRS) to extend their current contract to supply the Redkite Competence Management and ELearning Delivery systems for a further 3 years with the option to extend for a further 2 years. They have also added the Redkite Incident Command / CPD logging system which is proving increasingly popular with our clients.
Redkite Systems have had a long relationship with OFRS and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with them well into the future.
OFRS are likely to be one of the early local authority FRS to be supplied with Release 5 of Redkite Systems products.
Release 5 which has been previewed by OFRS, provides a more modern user experience with enriched features and functions.
Release 5 is now undergoing beta testing in 3 airports in England and the trials are going exceedingly well.

The Redkite Competence Management System was first developed for the Manpower Services Commission and R1 was introduced in 1986... being MSDOS based it was used by NVQ Awarding Bodies primarily... the London Chamber of Commerce Examinations Board and the Institute of Training and Development later to be merged with, what is now CIPD.
In 1989, R2 saw the system move away from stand alone to a Client server version which was suplplied and used extensively throughout British Rail and other large organisations. Release 3 came out in 2003 with the move from DOS to MS Windows. R3 also included to integrated Redkite Equipment Management Sytem developed in collaboration with Warwickshire FRS.
2008 brought Release 4, our first Web based version of the system using SQL Server as the back end data base.
All these earlier versions were developed in Borlands Pascal and Delphi.
The latest release Release 5, moves the system into C++ using Blazer with the back end DB remaining in SQL Server.
The move provides a more modern look and feel to the system, which has been in use for 35 years.
Many new features have been incorporated to provide an improved user experience at all levels.
Previewed by our users at our User Group event in December, many customers volunteered to beta test this latest release... thankyou, and dont worry, your time will come, hopefully in the next couple of months before we roll Release 5 out across our client base during 2023/24.
Currently the focus is on the Redkite Competence Management System (Tracker, ELearning Delivery and Question Master), the Redkite E-log and other smaller modules.
This will be closely followed by Redkite EMS later in 2023.

A great start to 2023 having learned that Redkite Systems have been recertificated for ISO 9001:2015. This is a great achievement for all at Redkite Systems. ISO 9001:2015 is a difficult standard to attain and maintain as a small business, requiring a commitment from all to maintain the high quality standards required.
Well done team Redkite!

I have been reflecting on our achievements during 2022 and I note we have added four new UK airports (Biggin Hill, Tingwall, Lerwick, Airbus Broughton ARFFS via Falke Fire Services UK and Gloucestershire) plus three new overseas airports: Auckland International Airport and the Dubai Airports, Dubai International and Jebel Ali.
Dubai Airports will be supplied with the Redkite Compliance Management System ( AES CMS) consisting of numerous Redkite Systems, through Coforge, a global digital services and solutions provider, who enable organisations to achieve real-world business impact with a focus on very select industries. We are looking forward to working with Coforge for many years to come.
At Auckland International Airport, the Redkite Training and Competence Management System (TCMS) has been integrated with Qual e-Fire (QeF), an Australian based LMS which is under development. QeF aims to provide a suite of SCORM based training packages aimed at ARFFS. QeF complimenrs but does not replace the very flexible E-Learning Delivery and Question Master on-line assessment built in to the Redkite TCMS which is regarded by many as being ideal for the ongoing maintenance of competence.
During 2022, Redkite Systems also expanded the scope of the systems we supply to numerous airports including: Aberdeen, Exeter, Glasgow Prestwick, and Glasgow International.
We also supplied a training management system to manage Air Traffic Control officers training which is currently in use several UK airports, including Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
In 2022, Redkite Systems also commenced the redesign of the user interface for its applications using the most up to date development tools with a view to updating existing clients with our latest release during 2023.
The new design was demonstrated at our User/Working Group meeting held at the Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh, in December 2022 and was well received.
Despite the ravages of Covid 19, we also retained all of our existing customers, many of whom have been using Redkite Systems products from 1999!... in itself a remarkable achievement…. however we are sorry to learn of the closure of DSA, Robin Hhod airfield with whom Redkite Systems has had a relationship since it opened as a commercial Airport and we all wish all our many friends the very best for the future.
The team at Redkite Systems give warm thank you to both new and existing customers for your support over the years.

Delighted to report that we have now commenced work on the installation of an Airport Fire Service (AFS) Compliance Management System to Dubai Airports for use at Dubai International and Jebel Ali Airports. The initial system will comprise of the Redkite Asset Management System with integrated Redkite E-log. It is intended that other modules will be supplied during 2023.
The project will be managed by Coforge, a global company based in India and New Jersey, USA and Redkite Systems is hopeful that this relationship will lead to the introduction of Redkite Systems in many of the regions in which Coforge operate.
Redkite Systems would like to thank the team at Coforge who have assisted in the protracted procurement process with Dubai Airports and we are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
Dubai Airports join a growing list of international airport RFFS who have selected Redkite Systems to manage compliance in many areas of fire service management and delivery and we are looking forward to working with the great team at Dubai Airports well into the future.

A great response to the next release of our various systems with many of our customers from both airports and local authorities volunteering to beta test the release from early 2023. Thank you.
Numerous enquiries for new modules as extensions to existing systems and we will be following these up shortly.
Also an introduction to a new overseas airport through long standing Redkite users, Newcastle International Airport... a special thank you for this.
A significant interest in STRX VR from Structurus although not everyone has the opportunity to experience full immersion using the headsets. Thank you to Structurus for your input.
The enforced move away from our usual venue due to the UK policy for housing refugees and others in hotels left us with a very limited choice of venue this year and I have to thank the staff at FSC for accommodating this event and fitting us in amongst their many fire service training courses. It happened to also be the passing out day for trainees from Heathrow Airport ARFFS, one of the first airports to take up the new ARFFS training offered by FSC.
The UK is not an easy venue for many of our international customers, and consideration is being given to the possibility of holding a Redkite International User Group Event in, say, Dubai in 2023. There are no plans at this stage to replace the UK event which we will still hold. Dubai is a relatively easy location to reach with direct flights from most of the 20 countries we now supply.
Any view on this would be welcome please.
Thankyou to all those who attended and to all those involved in the organisation and delivery of this well received event.
Rather than blowing smoke, the following was posted in response to the event on LinkedIn from Robin Niven, the RFFS Training Manager at Leeds Bradford Airport in England, a long term user of our systems and a regular attendee at the User Group.
"Thanks to everyone at the Redkite User Group meeting, I really enjoyed the last couple of days, meeting and reconfirming old and new friends.
We look forward to working with other airport fire services and sharing information to improve all our training and competence.
Thank you to Mat Arber, John Arnold, Paul Stephenson and Ian Sainsbury for your support.
I hope to see as many of you next year at the next User Group if not before."
Redkite Systems thanks of all our customers for your loyal support over many years.

Welcome to Tingwall Airport, Lerwick who have just taken delivery of the Redkite Competence Management System with integrated Elearning Delivery to manage CAP 699 for their ARFFS team. It is great to see airports of all sizes adopting Redkite Systems to manage their ongoing maintenance of competence programmes.
We have also supplied the Redkite Equipment Management System to help ensure their fire service equipment is compliant and safe to use.
If they can attend, Tingwall ARFFS will be welcomed to the Redkite User Group at the Fire Service College on the 8th and 9th December 2022, where they can meet and network with colleagues from ARRFS as well as civil and military fire services from around the world, many of whom have been using Redkite Systems to manage compliance with their maintenance of competence schemes and equipment safety for over 20 years.

Really pleased to announce that Redkite Systems have supplied the Redkite Competence Management, Redkite Elearning Delivery and Redkite Asset Management Systems to Falck Fire Services UK for use at Airbus Broughton FRS.
We supply to a number of Falck projects in the UK including a Fire Safety Management System based on the Redkite Asset Management System to their Wilton site where the system is used to manage the testing of assets for Falck's clients in the North East of England.
As with all Redkite products the system is provided as a service via the Internet; is paperless and automates all tedious processes.
We look forward to extending our reach with Falck over the coming years and look forward to working with the team at Airbus Broughton FRS well into the future.

Really pleased to report that following a very protracted competitive tendering process ( Covid 19 causing a 30 month delay) Redkite Systems have commenced the installation of the Redkite Training and Competence Management System to Auckland International Airport (AKL).
It is planned that the project will involve linking up with my good friend Peter McMahon again through his SCORM based training packages delivered via Qual E-Fire. The new integrated Training and Competence Management System will provide a powerful tool for any airport RFFS around the world looking to implement a training and competence management system combining every possible aspect of training.
Really looking forward to getting this all together and working with the terrific team at AKL, the team at Qual E-Fire and Peter McMahon, with his global network of professional trainers and organisations using the most advanced learning technologies, to prepare airport (and community) firefighters to perform to the highest possible standards. Training is the key to success and training that leads to the development and maintenance of competence is the best training of all.
Will be posting more about this fantastic development and maybe even giving a live demo at our next User Group Day being planned for Dec 8th and 9th 2022... more details on this as soon as it has been finalised in the next week or so.

Very pleased to report that Glasgow Prestwick Airport have ordered the Redkite Equipment Management System with bar code functionality to manage assets within the airport engineering department.
It is very rewarding to see more and more airport departments seeing value in and adopting Redkite Systems products - which have been in use on Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFFS) for up to 22 years and are now used in over 20 countries.
We supply systems to proving paperless and automated training and equipment management systems to airports for ARFFS, Air Traffic Control, Security, Airside Operations, Engineering and in a number of airports across all airport departments.
Redkite Systems are designed to accommodate all training and equipment management requirements for any department or organisation.
Flexibility and scalability are inherent to our products as is ease of use.
Looking forward to working with Glasgow Prestwick Airport engineering department well into the future.

Great to report that Redkite Systems have supplied Redkite Tracker training management system to Liverpool John Lennon Airport Airfield Operations.
They will join the ARFFS and Air Traffic Control departments who also use versions of Redkite Tracker for training and competence management.
Fantastic news and thank you to all concerned. Looking forward to working with you all well into the future.

Redkite Systems is pleased to report that Biggin Hill Airport ARFFS will be taking delivery of the Redkite Asset/Equipment Management System with built-in Defect Management which will integrate with the Redkite Competence Management System they purchased last year.
It is always very rewarding when a customer returns to extend their systems.
Thank you to the ARFFS team at Biggin Hill Airport and we look forward to a long relationship with you.